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Miss Gatsby - Natural Pearls For Beautiful Moments
From a very young age, I have always had a strong interest in earrings. I have always had so many - even though I only have 2 ears! :D I bought different types, especially the sparkly ones! 
Years later, I found a store on ebay that sold very unusual self-made earrings. So I got interested in the process of making earrings and learned how to do it.
When I was living in NYC I found a pair of dangle pearl earrings and I always felt so elegant when I was wearing them. So when I started making earrings myself, I incorporated not only sparkly beads but also real pearls!
Personally, I prefer leverback enclosures, which are rare when it comes to pearl drop earrings, so I decided to use only those when it comes to making these kind of earrings.
Ivonne - Founder of MissGatsby.com 
Our pearls are 100% real and naturally beautiful.
Did you know that back in the day, a pearl diver who was sent by royalty, spent his whole life to find enough pearls for only 1 necklace of genuine pearls?! Today, this is easier. Especially for you - now that you have found us!
In London in ca. 2014, I've started this handmade jewelry brand: Miss Gatsby (because the 40's were THE time for pearls)
Together with my friend Qianwen, I had a booth at the Camden Lock creative market in Camden Town. (The area Amy Winehouse was from)
There, you could find mostly handmade and unique stuff. I started out with artificial pearl earrings and later upgraded to genuine pearls because of the quality and uniqueness of them. Here is a photo from that time:
This was in ca. 2014 at Camden Lock in London, UK
There is a fee you have to pay to sell items there. Fast forward to 2021 when the internet is now empowering me, to sell my handmade jewelry online directly to you.
And not only that, this store is also able to receive your requests to create a pair of earrings based on your personal preferences.
To see which pearls we currently have available for you to choose from, click on the 100% Authentic Pearls tab.
We hope you have enjoyed your visit in our store and maybe you have found something that you like! Miss Gatsby is a European brand - but we ship worldwide. 😊